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EzCompostr aims to redefine and simplify the composting experience by equipping Singaporeans with the relevant knowledge to grow quality crops through training workshops, online videos, and an integrated easy to use composting bins.

Our composting bin is developed with the vision of establishing a composting culture in Singapore by making it as simple to use as possible.

Our door is always open to new members, no matter their experience level. Come join us — we’d love to share all that EzCompostr has to offer.

We provide easy composting solutions for you!

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Our composting bin is designed to allow anyone to compost leftovers anytime and anywhere, conveniently and easily!

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We frequently organize events such as workshops, webinars, and panel discussions with sustainability experts so that everyone can gain more knowledge and tips from the best about composting and sustainability. 

In the past, we have organized virtual workshops and webinars with EcoSami,  TrueRoots, InsectFeed Technologies, The MoonBeamCo and Just Daobao

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Our services for different target audiences


Compact composting bin designed like a toy to ignite children's curiosity in sustainability. MunchFo educates kids about their food waste, showing them a fun and simple way to compost leftovers. Elevate awareness and gently guide the next generation towards a more eco-conscious future.

Working Adults

For the eco-conscious working professional eager to make a green difference: With MunchFo, just 2 minutes a week is all it takes to effectively compost leftovers, whether at home or dining out—no prior knowledge required. Use the composted waste to nurture your home plants or share with neighbors via apps like GoodHood and Olio. Make sustainability a lifestyle!


For businesses seeking a sustainable, easy, and cost-effective CSR initiative: Tailored bin quantities and designs, complemented by monthly immersive workshops on sustainable practices: from coffee ground deodorizers to eco-bookmarks, terrarium crafting, and gardening. Plus, we handle excess compost, redistributing it to local farms as organic fertilizer. A mere 2 minutes weekly lets employees compost lunch leftovers, boosting Singapore's food recycling rate and curbing up to 98% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to landfill disposal. Make eco-consciousness a corporate norm

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Customers Reviews

Sustainable Living Condominium: “We strive to be an eco-friendly residence, and this composting machine has helped us achieve that goal. It has drastically reduced our waste sent to landfills and provided us with nutrient-rich compost for our rooftop gardens.”
Emily Roberts
Resident Association President.
Farm-to-Table Organic Market: “This composting machine has been a game-changer for our farm. We can now process large volumes of food waste and convert it into high-quality compost for our organic produce. It aligns perfectly with our sustainable farming practices.” –
Mark Davis,
Farm Owner.
EcoBite Restaurant: “We have been using this composting machine for over a year, and it has exceeded our expectations. It is easy to operate, low maintenance, and has significantly reduced our waste disposal costs. Our customers appreciate our commitment to sustainability.”
Lisa Thompson
Head Chef.